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About Me

About Me – Personal

My name is Angie Dobbins-Frisbie, proud owner of Grateful Doula Services. I am honored and privileged to provide postpartum doula services to families during their childbearing years. It was through my journey in becoming a mother that I discovered just how important this journey is. As a result of this discovery, I began training to become a childbirth educator in 1988. Due to life changes and fast-forward 15 years, I once again began training as a childbirth educator, a birth doula, and eventually a postpartum doula, while I was working full-time as an administrative assistant.  In 2008, I took a leap of faith, left my administrative assistant job and began providing doula services and childbirth education as my full-time dedication. It’s hard for me to use the word ‘work’ or ‘job’ to this service, as it brings me such great joy and pleasure to support families in the childbearing years! In addition to supporting families, I discovered that I also enjoy mentoring and supporting others who choose to become postpartum doulas and became a Postpartum Doula Trainer. I also became certified as a Lactation Educator to further my skills.

As I mentioned above, I am a mother. I have two grown daughters that I believe to be lovely young women. Yes, I am biased, and I will take responsibility for some of their awesomeness, but I will acknowledge that their father, my husband, had a hand in some of this, as well as other family members and friends who have also loved and mentored them.

In early 2015, I entered into grandparent-hood!! What a joy it has been; sometimes I'm quite overwhelmed by the love that I have for my grandchild. I am very smitten and am looking forward to watching this child grow.

About Me – Professional            

Postpartum Doula

Training:                DONA Approved Postpartum Doula Training – Simkin Center – April 2008

Certifications:        NAPS Doulas – Recertified: September 2014

                             DONA – Recertified: March 2012

                             Infant & Adult CPR & AED – Recertified January 2013


Other:                   Liability Insurance (annually)

                             Background Checked (every three years (8/2014)


 Postpartum Doula Trainer/Instructor

Observer:          Postpartum Doula Training – Simkin Center:

    June, August, and October 2008

Guest Lecturer: Postpartum Doula Training – Simkin Center

    January, April, August and October 2009

Adjunct Faculty: Postpartum Doula Skills Workshop – Simkin Center

     January 2010 to present

Trainer Training: DONA Approved Postpartum Doula Trainer Training

                         February 2010

Approval:           DONA Approved Postpartum Doula Trainer – April 2011
                         Re-approved - April 2014


Birth Doula

Training:            DONA Approved Birth Doula Training – Bates Technical – Nov/Dec 2002

Certification:       PALS Doulas – Recertified March 2011 - Retired March 2013

Childbirth Educator
Training:            ICEA Approved Childbirth Educator Training – Bates Technical 
                         January through July 2003, classroom; 
                         May 2003 through October 2004 practicum

Certification:     International Childbirth Education Association – recertified January 2011

                         Retired; January 2015

Experience:       Great Starts Instructor – March 2005 to present

                         UWMC Perinatal Education – April 2005 to August 2009


Birthing From Within Mentor

Training:            Level I Mentor Training – Portland, OR – June 2006

                         Level II Advanced Mentor Training – Ghost Ranch, NM – November 2007
                         Level II Advanced Mentor Training - Ghost Ranch, NM - November 2012


Experience:       Big Belly Services – February 2007 to June 2014

Lactation Educator
Training:            CAPPA 20-hour Lacatation Educator - Seattle, WA - April 2011

Certification:     Certified April 2013            

Babywearing Training

Training:               The Babywearing Institute, Vancouver, WA - Feb/March 2014

Infant Massage Educator Training
Training:            The International Assoc. of Infant Massage, Kenmore, WA - Aug. 2014  

Certification:      Pending      

All of my certifications require continuing education components in an effort to stay current and up-to-date in my practice.  Currently and over the years, I have attended many meetings, conferences, advanced trainings, and seminars in an effort to fulfill these requirements, as well as my own personal desire to learn more on how I can best support women and their families. 

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